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Gold bracelet 14K

1.876,00 lei cu TVA

SKU: B279 | Weight: 6.70g

1.453,20 lei cu TVA

SKU: B285 | Weight: 5.19g

448,00 lei501,20 lei cu TVA

SKU: B127 | Weight: g

380,80 lei cu TVA

SKU: B184 | Weight: 1.34g

294,00 lei cu TVA

SKU: B180 | Weight: 1.05g

Gold rings 14K

682,40 lei cu TVA

SKU: I233 | Weight: 3.08g

Gold rings 14K

14K I084 white gold ring

742,00 lei cu TVA

SKU: I084 | Weight: 2.65g

Gold rings 14K

14K I100 white gold ring

520,80 lei cu TVA

SKU: I100 | Weight: 1.86g

Gold rings 14K

14K I094 white gold ring

1.002,40 lei cu TVA

SKU: I094 | Weight: 3.58g

Gold rings 14K

14K I216 white gold ring

490,00 lei cu TVA

SKU: I216 | Weight: 1.75g

Gold earrings 14K

347,20 lei cu TVA

SKU: C276 | Weight: 1.24g

Gold earrings 14K

14k C098 white gold earrings

523,60 lei cu TVA

SKU: C098 | Weight: 1.87g

Gold earrings 14K

14k C151 white gold earrings

456,40 lei cu TVA

SKU: C151 | Weight: 1.63g

392,00 lei cu TVA

SKU: C146 | Weight: 1.40g

450,80 lei cu TVA

SKU: C247 | Weight: 1.61g

Gold chains 14K

632,80 lei cu TVA

SKU: L153 | Weight: 2.26g

1.036,00 lei cu TVA

SKU: L155 | Weight: 3.70g

632,80 lei cu TVA

SKU: L106 | Weight: 2.26g

495,60 lei cu TVA

SKU: L152 | Weight: 1.77g

649,60 lei cu TVA

SKU: L151 | Weight: 2.32g

Gold pendant 14K

663,60 lei cu TVA

SKU: P167 | Weight: 2.37g

Gold pendant 14K

14k gold pendant PS007

310,80 lei cu TVA

SKU: PS007 | Weight: 1.11g

Gold pendant 14K

14k gold pendant P072

515,20 lei cu TVA

SKU: P072 | Weight: 1.84g

257,60 lei cu TVA

SKU: P013 | Weight: 0.92g

473,20 lei cu TVA

SKU: P017 | Weight: 1.69g

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If the day of a co-worker or a good childhood friend follows and you have to think about what gift to give them, then make at least a trip through a jewelry store to find the jewelry to buy .
The Internet has greatly facilitated the search for gifts, now you no longer have to walk through stores to decide what to buy. If they like silver jewelry, choose the model that represents them on You have at hand a wide range of products available, you will be amazed at how many ideas can come to you for any occasion, you can choose either the right jewelry for the day or the ones that go well with an evening dress. It is said that the most beautiful gifts are the ones you make yourself, because only you know what you would like to wear the most.
Jewelry makes you stand out even at work. Choose the models that represent you
Jewelry makes you stand out even in the professional environment. Self-confidence is essential for the image you display in the work environment. White shirt, classic black skirt and office shoes are the basic pieces of an outfit. But no wardrobe is complete without jewelry.
Learn how to turn your office presence into a classic and professional look, always choosing the right accessories for your outfit! Surely you have also collected over time a lot of jewelry – large earrings and necklaces that go with minimalist wardrobes, but which do not fit in the office – than, perhaps in going out for a beer in the evening with colleagues. If you want your image at work to exclaim maturity, elegance and refinement, try to avoid them. Rebuild your jewelry collection by thinking strategically and focusing on accessories that never go out of style.