Besides the easy way to buy, SHOP BIJUTERIA completes the service offer through quality consulting, engraving, repairs and jewelry maintenance.

We evaluate, check and buy



Do not keep jewelry in a drawer! Don’t you like jewelry anymore or do you want new ones?

Come to us with the old ones, we will evaluate them and give you the opportunity to quickly wear your favorite jewelry, offering you the best price of the day, money with which you can fulfill your dream.




The engraving offers a personalization element that transforms a jewel or gift into something truly unique.

The equipment is of the latest generation, is mechanical and allows the simultaneous engraving of photos and texts on metal surfaces (or ABS-plastic) of small objects: jewelry, promotional items, key rings, lighters, watches, pens and so on

Rings and wedding rings can be engraved both inside and out. The maximum marking area is 100 X 100 mm.

We repair jewelry

The own service unit has qualified and authorized personnel to carry out gold jewelry repairs.


Jewelry Maintenance

Precious metals lose their luster and scratch, stones can be lost forever, and the string of pearls can break if not checked in time. In order to have beautiful and shiny jewelry like on the first day, it is fair and desirable that they be examined and cleaned by a specialist at least once a year.